At Sumner Academy we believe that every student can find academic success. We also know that each child learns differently based on the individual's strengths and learning styles. We are confident our learning environment can inspire each student to achieve his or her maximum academic potential. We believe in fostering social and personal responsibility and implementing these beliefs with vision, passion and dedication.

*Represents the SA Class that were 2016 High School Seniors.

Academically strong schools need to use standardized tests that measure academically strong students. Educational Records Bureau tests provide accurate assessment across all levels of ability and achievement, but they are especially effective in measuring differences in ability and mastery among high achieving students who deserve the opportunity to demonstrate their full range of abilities.

See 2019 results below:

*Numbers represent percentile rank in comparison with test takers nation-wide, as compared to independent schools of the same grade, e.g. 94 = Sumner Academy 8th-Grade students, as a whole, scored as well as or better than 94 percent of 8th-grade students students across the US in Mathematics 1 & 2.

Educating independent thinkers since 1973.


We believe in teaching a love of learning.


We believe in teaching with patience.


We believe in valuing the differences each student brings.


We believe in collaborating with parents.


We believe in creating and promoting a safe environment.


We believe in fostering social and personal responsibility.

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