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Friday Faculty Feature - Mrs. Ioana Scott
Posted 02/17/2017 12:38PM

February 17, 2017


Ioana Scott


At Sumner Academy since 2007


Middle School Social Studies and Literature

Volleyball Coach

Quiz Bowl Coach


B.A. Middle Tennessee State


What were you like as a child?


I had a very type A personality.  I was a very high achieving child and always excelled academically and in sports. I am an INTJ just like Emperor Palpatine. I no longer feel the need to take over the galaxy, though.


Who is/was a teacher you admire?


Mr. Fawley. He was my AP US History teacher. He stood out because he loved history. He made a traditionally boring subject very interesting by his enthusiasm. I want to do the same for others because it is such an exciting topic.


What do you do in your spare time?


In my spare time I love to read and play Civilization. I also enjoy cooking, but my kids do not enjoy that as much.


What is your favorite Sumner Academy tradition?


There are so many things I love at Sumner Academy. The best day that I always look forward to is Career Day. I love listening to people talk about how much they love their jobs.

Educating independent thinkers since 1973.


We believe in teaching a love of learning.


We believe in teaching with patience.


We believe in valuing the differences each student brings.


We believe in collaborating with parents.


We believe in creating and promoting a safe environment.


We believe in fostering social and personal responsibility.

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