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Friday Faculty Feature - Mrs. Sharp
Posted 02/10/2017 01:55PM

Friday Faculty Feature


February 10, 2017


Judy Sharp


LC II Coordinator

LC II Teacher


At Sumner Academy since: 1993


B.S. Fairmont State College



When did you first know you would choose a career in education?


I didn’t know at the time, but now looking back I guess I have wanted to be a teacher since I was five years old and my mom brought my baby brother Billy home. I wanted to teach him everything like his alphabet and numbers, and he was only a week old. Day after day I tried, but my mom said he was just too little and he couldn’t learn that yet. Finally, when he wasn’t responding I moved on to my doll babies. I sat my Tiny Tears’ dolls down and taught them how to read my Tip and Mitten and Jack and Janet books. As I got a little older I had to babysit my neighbors Teri and Tami. You guessed it; I wanted to be their teacher. Before long they kept asking me to help them to read and do homework. After that I was asked to be an assistant Girl Scout leader so I could teach crafts and help the girls memorize their pledge. A Sunday School teacher was the next step. Then, someone said, ”You should be a teacher Judy.” I said to myself I guess I should. So where did it begin?  I’d say I was directed from God 60 plus years ago to fulfill what he wanted for me. I have been blessed with my career.


What is your favorite book and why?


My favorite book is the BIBLE. It gives me strength, hope, guidance, direction, answers to questions, food to my body and PEACE to my soul. I can read it over and over and each time get something new. The words are my rock.   


How do you engage your students?


I feel I engage my students by capturing their attention with a story that they can relate to at the present time or something in their past.  I love to start my lessons by gathering them around my rocking chair as many times as I can during a day and say, “Did you know?” or “Guess what happened last night.”  “Has this ever happened at your house?” To me it is like when a fisherman baits his hook with the best bait he has, he looks over the water for the perfect place to catch the best fish, then cast his line into the water. The little fish are swimming around and then they see the bait, they bite and they are HOOKED. That’s what I like to call engaging my students.  Once you have their total attention, you can now present the lesson and teach.


What is your favorite Sumner Academy tradition?


My favorite part of Sumner Academy would have to be when my students come to see me at school or my home and remind me of what I did for them in my 23 years of teaching at Sumner Academy. When they say please come to my wedding, or you won’t believe it Miss Sharp, you were my teacher, and now you are my sorority sister, or I’m having a baby and you can’t retire until they have you, or no one believed that I needed glasses to learn to read but you finally convinced my mother, when you brought in dried cereal and let us read under the tables on Friday, when you brushed my hair and put it in braids before anyone else came to class.

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