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Friday Faculty Feature - Ms. Koder
Posted 01/27/2017 09:58AM

Friday Faculty Feature


January 27, 2017


Karen Koder


Art Teacher

Art Club Sponsor


Sumner Academy since: 2016


B.A. Tennessee State University

M.Ed. Union University



How do you engage your students?


I try to engage my students in various ways, mainly by experimenting with different art media or using unusual sources for tools - for example using plaster strips to create larger-than-life sized crayons or using small squares of cardboard (1" X 1.5") instead of paintbrushes to create paintings of trees. One of my favorite lessons is teaching the second graders how to mix colors by using food dye, frosting and vanilla wafers to create a color wheel. This lesson not only engaged their minds but their stomachs too! 


What do you wish you had more time to do?


I really like my schedule here at Sumner Academy, especially as compared to a large public school. I have enough time for planning and prep time between classes.


What is your advice to a student who may become discouraged?


In art class, my advice to any student who may become discouraged is to keep at it. Perseverance and practice are very important not only in art class but in everything we do. I often provide the analogy of an athlete. Does a baseball player always hit a home run? Does he/she practice before games, etc?


What is your favorite Sumner Academy tradition?


Since, this is my first year at Sumner Academy I have not yet experienced all the wonderful traditions.  I am looking forward to the Related Arts show this spring, scheduled for Sunday, April 9th from 2 – 4 pm in the William E. Hovenden Student Center on Sumner Academy’s campus.

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