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Parents' Corner

What our Parents Say about Sumner Academy:

"What a great start for my son!  With a focus on fundamentals, SA has given him a foundation of confidence and security that will carry him to anywhere he wants to go in life.  I have loved the hands-on learning, character education, etiquette class, access to an on-site music instructor, and the adventure education trips that provide not only education, but a strong sense of family amount the SA community."

~ Current Parent (2017)

I was hesitant to send my daughter to private school, but it has been the best decision we ever made.  She is happy and has the opportunity to experience things she wouldn't have in public school.  She is challenged in the classroom and she plays sports as well, which I never would have dreamed she would do.  If you want a school that truly puts your child first, Sumner Academy is the school for you!

~ Current Parent (2017)

My husband was reading to our kindergarten daughter one night about insects, and our daughter said, "I know about insects ... insects have three parts... the head, thorax and abdomen."  I was so excited that even after three days of Kindergarten, I knew she was learning and absorbing knowledge beyond the standard concepts. I was impressed that she remembered those words and could tell us about it!  I love that education at Sumner Academy is not just about stuffing kids with standardized test knowledge.

~ Current Parent (2014)


What our Alumni say about Sumner Academy


Students' Corner

What our students say about Sumner Academy

What do I like best about Sumner Academy?  I love the quality of the education.  I feel challenged and compelled to work my hardest and reach my goals.  I feel like the classes are challenging and fun.  I love to learn new things.  The courses are interesting and exciting.  The classes are advanced. 

Current 6th grader (2017)

What I like best about Sumner Academy is the country project we do in 6th grade for the Social Studies/Science Fair.  It is very fun to learn about different countries.  Some countries I had not heard of and some I knew basically nothing about and got to learn. 

Current 6th grader (2017)

There are so many reasons why I like going to Sumner Academy.  The biggest reason, are all the excellent teachers.  Every teacher at Sumner Academy posses caring, heart, compassion, knowledge and many other important character traits.  The teachers are great and amazing at what they do.  That's just one of the many reasons why I love Sumner Academy.

Current 6th grader (2017)

The thing I am going to miss the most about Sumner Academy is being in such a small community.  Every teacher, every student, and every member of the staff feels like a part of my family.

Current 8th grader (2017)

The one thing that I will probably miss about Sumner Academy is the small community.  In high school everything will be spread out and hard to find.  It's nice to be in a smaller school and know everyone's names.  I'll miss knowing everyone and the personal level you were on with all of the teachers.  They really look out for you, because they want you to succeed.  I will definitely miss Sumner Academy.

Current 8th grade (2017)

One thing I am going to miss when I leave are the people.  The people here are like a family.  When you are going through tough times people are there.  If you are new and don't know anyone, people will make sure to be nice and help you around the school.  The teachers also care a lot about you.  They are very understanding and will help you if you are having trouble. 

Current 8th grade (2017)

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