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How to Dress at Sumner Academy

Please click the headings below for the detailed dress code and vendor information list.

Vendors to order from:

School Code: NVSUMN

Preferred School Number: 900068982

Dress Code





 •        Required green SA logo polo style shirt (from either vendor) which is to be worn on all field trips (PK – 4th) and white Oxford style button down shirt with SA logo for all field trips (5th – 8th).

 •        Tops - polo style and turtle necks, Peter Pan blouses, navy blue, white, light yellow and green-all shirts with the SA logo.

 •        Tops for jumpers can include white peter pan blouses without logo.



Girls’ shorts, skort, and skirt length should be no shorter than 3 inches above the back of the knee.

 •        Khaki or navy bottoms – pants, shorts, skirts or skorts from either vendor (no cargo type pants).

 •        Dennis SA plaid bottoms - skirts or culotte skorts.



 •        Jumpers - Khaki or navy, from either vendor Lands’ End or Dennis SA Plaid (no logo).

•        Polo style dress navy blue or green - with SA logo.

•        Girls may wear tights or knee socks (solid navy blue or white which are plain with no decoration). Footless tights are not allowed.

•        Ankle or tennis style socks should be solid color (only small logo acceptable).




 •        Required green SA logo polo style shirt (from either vendor) which is to be worn on all field trips (PK – 4th) and white Oxford style button down shirt with SA logo for all field trips (5th – 8th).

 •        Tops - Polo style and turtlenecks can be navy blue, white, light yellow or green-all with the SA logo; Oxford button down white logo shirts may be worn, but are not mandatory.



 •        Khaki or navy bottoms–uniform pants or shorts from either vendor (no cargo type pants).


In addition, the following regulations apply to all students:


1.      Shirttails must be tucked in.

2.      All clothing must be properly fitting at all times.

3.      Belts must be worn with pants or shorts with belt loops.

4.      Belts must be black or brown leather.

5.      Socks must be worn and visible above the anklebone and should be solid color (only small logo acceptable).

6.      Tennis shoes are to be worn on physical education class days. (No slip-on tennis shoes)

7.      No flip-flops, sandals, high heels, open toed shoes, boots or clogs are allowed.

8.      No hats are allowed (except on “Hat Day” or outside).

9.      Girls wearing makeup must be tasteful and not extreme.  Boys may not wear earrings.

10.    Extreme hairstyles are not allowed, including colored stripes in hair. Hair may not obstruct the eyes.

11.   Tattoos, real or temporary are not acceptable. Additionally, students should not write

or draw on themselves or others.

12.    Girls’ shorts, skort, and skirt length should be no shorter than 3 inches above the back of the knee. Be sure to measure the hemline several times during the year. If in doubt, don’t wear it.

13.    T-shirts worn under uniform shirts must be solid white. The t-shirt sleeves should not be visible.

14.    Jewelry or other accessories that can be distracting to the wearer or other students is not allowed.

15.    Unusual or new styles that occur will be addressed on an individual basis.

16.    For INSIDE wear, as part of the school uniform, students may wear: Dennis Uniform navy blue or green fleece jacket with school logo, sweatshirt with school logo, or SA plaid monogram; Lands’ End navy blue or green fleece jacket or vest with school logo, or sweatshirt with school logo. Other choices are a solid color navy blue or green sweater or sweater vest with logo from either vendor. Sweatshirts must have the school logo crest and be school approved spirit wear or SA plaid and should be worn over a collared or turtleneck garment. (Prior sprit wear with graphics or wording other than the Sumner Academy logo, is no longer approved.)

17.    Sweaters may be cardigan, crew, or vest styles.        

18.    For OUTSIDE wear, students may wear any appropriate coat, sweater, hat, or sweatshirt.

19.    Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts may wear their scout uniform only on the last meeting day of each month. 

Consequences for being out of uniform include use of the conduct system and contact with parents. Students are expected to arrive at school in compliance with all aspects of the dress code. T-shirt days, logo shirt days, sweatshirt days, and/or jeans days will remain in effect as scheduled.

The directors of the lower and middle schools make the final determination whether a child is compliant with these regulations. Appeals may be heard by the headmaster.


Amended 04.17.14 STJ, approved by the Board of Trustees 04.17.14

Revised 10-22-14 HGM/STJ, added Sumner Academy green cardigan, crew and sweater vest

Revised 6-3-16 HGM/STJ, added no footless tights, solid color ankle socks, tattoos (#11), no colored stripes in hair (#10), school approved spirit wear (#16).

Revised 7/29/16 HGM/SJ, solid color socks (#5)

Revised 6/15/17 HGM, prior spirit wear is no longer approved (#16)     

Dress Code Vendors

Ordering Notes for Dennis Larose and Lands’ End:


Dennis Larose School Uniforms

When ordering online from Dennis Larose our school code is NVSUMN or put in Sumner Academy for the school name.


Dennis Larose School Uniforms

2193 Nolensville Pike

Nashville, TN 37211



To get to Sumner Academy's dress code items online

  • Go to

  • Click the “SHOP NOW” button

  • Click in the School code box and type our school code: NVSUMN OR click in the “School Name” box and type our school name: “Sumner Academy”. Then click in the “City” box and type “Gallatin”.

  • Click go

  • You will be able to shop Sumner Academy's dress code by item category or print a uniform list


Lands’ End

When ordering Lands’ End items remember to give them Sumner Academy’s Preferred School Number (9000-6898-2). Refer to this number when placing an order and our school receives 3% of all net sales. 


To get to Sumner Academy's dress code items online

  • Go to

  • Click on the “FIND MY SCHOOL”" box

  • You may find the school’s dress code by searching “By School Address” or “By School Number”.

    • By School Number, Click in the box under “By School Number” and enter our Preferred School Number: 900068982

      • Click the "SEARCH BY NUMBER" button.

    • By School Address, enter the school name, city and state.

      • Click the “SEARCH BY ADDRESS” button.

  • Our school logo will appear. Select your gender and grade.

  • Click the “SAVE SCHOOL” button and create an account.

  • If you do not want to create an account, enter the grade and gender and then select the “Shop Now” button under the “I prefer not to save this information beyond today’s visit”.

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