Learning Community Philosophy

Our Lower School students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through the fourth grade experience an educational environment that focuses on their social, emotional, and academic needs and recognizes their individual learning styles. Students experience gifted educators in their field of expertise. Each teacher in each learning community teaches two subjects rather than all subjects. Having different teachers for the different academic subjects and moving from one classroom to the next provides a strong and exciting learning environment for all of our students. We have found that such an environment helps our students develop a love for learning.

By having a community of teachers, our students’ needs are addressed individually.  This allows our faculty to develop “prescriptive learning” for each child.  Just as a physician would write a prescription, our faculty does the same to maximize the teaching and learning process.

The Lower School is divided into Learning Communities. LCI is made up of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms. LCII is made up of first and second grade, and LCIII is third and fourth grade. Each of the Learning Communities has a division coordinator. The Learning Communities support and promote the school's mission of Vision, Passion and Dedication.

Educating independent thinkers since 1973.


We believe in teaching a love of learning.


We believe in teaching with patience.


We believe in valuing the differences each student brings.


We believe in collaborating with parents.


We believe in creating and promoting a safe environment.


We believe in fostering social and personal responsibility.

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