Find your sense of belonging.

We are a community of learners, families, educators and friends. At Sumner Academy, students are the foundation of our community. By encouraging respect, open-mindedness, and appreciation, our campus is one built upon a sense of belonging. Our middle school students often engage with our elementary level students, fostering a strong connection amongst all grades and staff. School-wide events, community gatherings, and off-campus experiences continue to strengthen the bond that is formed within our school. Students feel they are safe, that they belong, and that they have a shared intention for learning.


Student Life

At Sumner Academy, students have so many opportunities to become involved: from our Athletic offerings to Clubs and Field Studies. Our learners feel that they belong and are always surrounded by a nurturing, supportive community.


The Hawk Pages

We are a community of families, and we know we can lean on each other in times of need.  We have created our own "phonebook" of services that our community of families can provide. Fly over to The Hawk Pages to see what businesses our families are part of!


New Families

Starting at a new school can be both exciting and challenging, so we have compiled some facts to help get families in the "know." From school supplies to schedules to uniforms, our Hawk FAQs page is sure to answer all your questions! 

Alumni Connections

Sumner Academy is committed to staying in touch with out students beyond their years on campus. Since our students leave us after 8th grade, we would love to hear about your time in high school and beyond! 

alumni connections

Student roasts a smore on campus

Community Events

Each year, Sumner Academy hosts several events for students and the school community. These occur throughout the year and help foster important bonds with students and promote a life-long love of learning. Examples of events include: the Annual Sumner Academy Auction, Read-a-thons, the Hawk Run, Field Day, and more! Families are always welcome to participate and attend. In addition, families and businesses have the opportunity to sponsor during these events. Please visit our Giving Page for more information.

giving page