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We are delighted that you are interested in learning more about Sumner Academy.

Sumner Academy serves a diverse group of learners. Our students' strengths are varied--some excel in our many cross country meets, some feel most at home in the spotlight of a school play, some enjoy the competition of our mathematics team, and still others are most intrigued by dissections and experiments. Regardless of their unique abilities and interests, Sumner Academy students are unified by their determination to strive for excellence, incredible work ethic, and openness to new experiences.

We encourage you to schedule a campus visit to experience our Sumner Academy family. While you explore our site, learn about the application process for each grade level.

We look forward to meeting you, providing information, and showing you what makes Sumner Academy the best choice for your child!

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Admissions Office

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Financing Options

Financing an independent education is a major investment in your child's future; it requires planning and a strong commitment. Sumner Academy makes every effort to enroll students according to their strengths rather than their financial circumstances and therefore provides a financial aid program to help meet the needs of our families. Admission decisions are made separately from financial aid decisions.

Tuition FAQs

Affording Sumner Academy

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You should not be discouraged from applying to Sumner Academy because of financial concerns. Each year, Sumner Academy budgets an amount of money to assist families who demonstrate need. Financial aid is awarded on a need based process.

Steps in the Financial Aid Process:

  1. Apply for admission and receive acceptance. Sumner Academy will not designate aid dollars for families who are not serious enough to apply for admission. 
  2. After a child has gone through the application process and has been accepted, financial aid information may be accessed online through FACTS
  3. Submit a signed Sumner Academy Enrollment Contract with Registration Fee.
  4. Financial aid award letters are emailed within 30 days of your completed application process.

It is imperative that families applying for financial aid, both new and returning, apply early. Every year there is more demand for aid than funds available. Financial aid awards are good for one year only. Families must reapply each year.

Click here to see a list of required documents to complete the FACTS Financial Aid application process.