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We are delighted that you are interested in learning more about Sumner Academy.

Sumner Academy serves a diverse group of learners. Our students' strengths are varied--some excel in our many cross country meets, some feel most at home in the spotlight of a school play, some enjoy the competition of our mathematics team, and still others are most intrigued by dissections and experiments. Regardless of their unique abilities and interests, Sumner Academy students are unified by their determination to strive for excellence, incredible work ethic, and openness to new experiences.

We encourage you to schedule a campus visit to experience our Sumner Academy family. While you explore our site, learn about the application process for each grade level.

We look forward to meeting you, providing information, and showing you what makes Sumner Academy the best choice for your child!

Sheree Zobl

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As a parent, Sumner Academy is my children's second home! My children feel loved and safe, and are taught to show kindness and manners to all. As a teacher, my coworkers feel like family. They have celebrated with me, mourned with me, and encouraged me when it was needed most.

Erin Robertson, Music Teacher and Parent of Current MS Students


Being at SA truly built the foundation for my daughter. She is now a successful analytical scientist in Nashville. She gained confidence in public speaking and her hands-on learning experience encouraged her to develop her love of science. I am thankful my daughter was able to attend this wonderful, inspiring school.

Judy Sharp, LS Teacher and Parent of Alum


As a parent of two kids who graduated Sumner Academy, we are so thankful for the education they received. Most importantly, I am grateful for the habits and self-sufficiency they were taught. They were held to a different standard, both academically and behaviorally, and they continue to hold themselves to that standard in their respective high school and college.

Ioana Scott, MS Teacher and Alumni Parent


To me and my children, Sumner Academy means home and family. Both of my children were challenged, loved, and pushed to do their best. Both have become responsible, successful adults, in part because of Sumner Academy.

Connie Cude, MS Teacher and Alumni Parent


My own children had such an exceptional experience at Sumner Academy that my granddaughter is now attending. The teachers are truly invested in the children's education and their growth as learners and leaders in their communities. Everyone at the school works as a team to meet the needs of the student.

DeAnna Ball, Technology Teacher and Parent of Alum, Grandparent of Current LS Student

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