Middle School

Helen Keller once said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Middle School days can be just that, daring or nothing at all. The child is growing from elementary school and "spring boarding" into adolescence all the while entering an age of redefinition. With some help and understanding, adolescents begin to define themselves well. 

Our Middle School program is designed to help discover and cultivate each student's unique talents by creating and promoting an environment that is emotionally secure, academically challenging, and culturally stimulating.

Sumner Academy has a gentle introduction into middle school with fifth grade through eighth grade, where students enjoy a superior academic program in a caring environment.

Middle school students posing and smiling in front of the African American Music Museum
Middle school group posing and smiling under a tent
Middle school students posing in front of lake
Middle school boy with glasses looking at camera with headset on
Middle school girls posing in front of wood fence
Middle school boy smiling in Astronaut suit
Middle schoolers pretending to save one boy from creek
Middle school boy and girl smiling at a restaurant

 In addition to the classroom learning experience, Sumner Academy offers Adventure Education programs. These adventures become the symbols and shared experiences that help tie us together.

Middle School students at Sumner Academy learn by doing, not just hearing.

The four year progression is designed to help students grow in the area of personal independence. In just a few short years middle school students will be in high school, and many will begin to travel abroad. We want to prepare them so that they are excited about the possibilities available in the world. We consider class trips an integral part of our curriculum and plan teaching units that coordinate and prepare the student for these experiences.

Unlike other private options, Sumner Academy is a true Middle School - our students are prepared to go to whichever and whatever type of high school they desire. We don't limit them to just one path.

Middle school girl with science experiment
Middle school boy in safety apron in science class
students in science class

The Sumner Academy Middle School staff is committed to educational excellence, inspiring and mentoring their students in all areas of school life. There are plenty of opportunities for students to participate in numerous activities including sports, clubs and organizations. With a small enrollment, the students are allowed to get to know each other as they share the classroom, the playing field, the stage and community service projects. Sumner Academy is a great place to grow up.

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