Lower School

Our Lower School students in Pre-Kindergarten through Fourth Grade experience an educational environment that focuses on their social, emotional, and academic needs and recognizes their individuality.

Students experience gifted educators in their fields of expertise. Having an expert teacher for each academic subject and moving from one classroom to the next provides a strong and exciting learning environment for all of our students. We have found that such an environment fosters a life-long love of learning. Tailored instruction, hands-on opportunities, and high teacher expectations make our Lower School program anything but "common."

Students are encouraged to learn through exploration, play, and interaction, with teachers acting as helpful guides.

Elementary students dressed up like Egyptian pharoahs
Young students holding their hands up while seated at their desks

The robust lower school curriculum is varied, bursting with opportunity. Etiquette class, computer coding, literature, accelerated mathematics, weekly Spanish class, LEGO robotics, art classes, experience in school productions, and field studies are among the many enriching experiences students enjoy.

Parents are treated as essential partners, home-to-school communication abounds, and students receive a firm foundation for future excellence.

The Lower School is divided into Learning Communities (known as 'LCs'). LCI is made up of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms. LCII is made up of first and second grade, and LCIII is third and fourth grade. Each of the Learning Communities has a division coordinator. The Learning Communities support and promote the school's mission of Vision, Passion and Dedication.

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