Instructional Technology

Learning to effectively use the tools of technology is an important life skill for our students. We strive to integrate appropriate technology into the curriculum of each class as a tool to enhance learning and engage students.

Sumner Academy has a one-to-one program for first through eighth grade and is a Google School. Our first grade through sixth grade students  are issued Chromebooks and all of our students use Google Apps. Google provides easy tools to engage students anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Seventh and eighth grade students are issued iPads to prepare them for  for high school. Students leave Sumner Academy with extensive user knowledge in Chrome OS, iOS, and Windows OS environments. 

We believe teaching digital citizenship and having a one-to-one learning environment:

  • Promotes development of collaboration, communication and information literacy skills
  • Supports more individualized student learning
  • Creates opportunities for “just in time learning” through spontaneous access to information
  • Extends the classroom beyond four walls

Our students use Google Apps and Google Classroom to share, collaborate, explore, and problem solve. Google provides a safer online experience for our students with an easy to manage dashboard control system for our technology team. 

Sumner Academy provides broad wireless access and a strong school network to meet the ever-growing student technology needs.

A female student looking at her laptop
Two make students using their laptops with headphones on
young student at computer
two girls at computers

Integrated Tech