Sumner Academy provides our students a powerful place to learn.

We take a wide variety of factors into consideration when developing our curriculum: academic vigor, developmentally-appropriate practices, emotional well being, and critical thinking. We want our students to be engaged across a variety of learning styles. 


At Sumner Academy, we believe that every student can find academic success. We also know that each child learns differently based on the individual's strengths and interests. Our learning environment will inspire each student to achieve their maximum academic potential. We believe in fostering social and personal responsibility and implementing these beliefs with vision, passion and dedication.

3rd grade boys smiling together wearing Sumner Academy shirts
Kindergarten students wearing safari outfits and binoculars walking through the main office

Lower School

In our lower school programs,  students are exposed to a variety of opportunities for learning and play. Their day is filled with joy as they get to work with different teachers in different spaces, interact with their friends, and have time to self-reflect. We ensure an academically challenging environment while providing necessary support and meeting students where they are. 


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Middle School

Our middle school students are academically and personally challenged. They are encouraged to move outside their comfort zone and explore different opportunities and discover who they are. With multiple overnight trips, field studies, and a rich exposure to the arts, students are given a well-rounded education that allows them to attend the high school of their choice.


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8th grade class of 2023 posing together in front of Student Center

Being a Hawk Means...

  • Being seen, heard, and known by your peers and teachers
  • Finding meaningful academic challenges that foster intellectual growth
  • Developing the confidence to pursue your interests and passions
  • Experiencing multiple field trips and overnight field studies over the course of your schooling
  • Having the freedom to explore personal passions and new opportunities