Why Sumner Academy

Sumner Academy logo with a green tree and the mission of vision, passion and dedication

Our Mission is to discover and cultivate each child's unique abilities.

Valuing diversity in students and experiences

Nurturing a love of learning and excellence

Cultivating responsibility and engagement

Sumner Academy is a great fit for families seeking a close-knit, nurturing community that will meet the needs of students who could benefit from additional academic challenges.

The greatest strength of any school lies in its faculty.  Great teachers do many things, such as maintain high and vigorous academic standards, teach with empathy in a nurturing manner, meet students where they are academically, physically, and socially, and create a rich learning environment in which they can thrive.  Our mission is to help discover and cultivate each child’s unique abilities. 

Tours may be scheduled by contacting the Admissions Office at admissions@sumneracademy.org or calling 615-452-1914. 


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A teacher sitting with a young student and both are smiling

Unique Experiences

Our Campus

Sumner Academy is located on 23 acres in the heart of Gallatin, Tennessee. The campus houses four buildings: William E. Hovenden Student Center, William H. Wemyss Library/Media Center, the Melinda J. Dillehay Lower School building and the Jim and Isa Carroll Field House. Our campus also has two playgrounds, two soccer fields, lush trees and plenty of outdoor space for students. 

Entrance to Sumner Academy
Ariel view of the campus soccer field
Ground view of the campus soccer field
LC3 playground
Aerial shot of the athletic field house
Lower school commons area
Outdoor pavilion with trees
Aerial view of the media center building on campus
Wood footbridge on campus
Driveway up to the school