School Leadership

Chan Gammill, Head of School

Head of school sliding down playground slide


Sumner Academy has provided an outstanding education to families in Gallatin and the surrounding area for fifty years. Alums from Sumner Academy have gone on to succeed at various independent and public schools upon graduation from 8th grade. Our alums make significant contributions in all walks of life in their respective communities throughout the nation and the world.

The Sumner Academy education is anchored in a challenging and supportive academic experience. Whether a child is enrolled in our preschool program or a young adult in our eighth grade, Sumner Academy students connect new knowledge and ways of thinking to important real-life situations. We meet the student where they are and then work as partners with the family to raise the child to new (and often unexpected) new heights as a learner. Beyond the array of humanities, math, and science classes, Sumner Academy students also enjoy the opportunity to explore interests and develop talents in various athletics, arts, and service activities. Sumner Academy students enjoy a safe and supportive environment to learn more about themselves and the world around them in a culture that prizes character, integrity, achievement and kindness.

I hope you will take the time to visit our beautiful campus in the weeks and months ahead and discover more about Sumner Academy. Those of us who work here are incredibly proud of all that goes on during the school year, and we would love the opportunity to share our school and community with you.


Chan Gammill


Leadership Team

Ioana Scott

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Middle School Coordinator

Kasi Agee

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Lower School Coordinator

Hannah Martin

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Director of Operations

Board of Trustees

Along with our Headmaster, The Sumner Academy Board of Trustees is charged with setting long-range goals designed to support and further the school's mission. Its members are volunteers who lend their expertise and perspective for the purpose of developing, achieving and supporting the school's goals and mission. The Sumner Academy Board of Trustees is self-perpetuating and seeks to build a strong tapestry of skill sets within its membership.

The Board "holds in trust" the future mission of the school and while the tasks required are many, the following items highlight primary responsibilities:

The Board governs itself according to its bylaws and best practices as stated in the National Association of Independent School's (NAIS) Trustee Handbook.

With carefully selected trustees, the Sumner Academy Board of Trustees endeavors to provide an excellent academic experience for its students, both those currently enrolled and also those who will join the Sumner Academy family in the future.

Board Officers


Dan Shockley

Vice President

Mandy Belote


Kelly Smits


Jaci Lindberg

Board Members

Jenny Chapman

Chase Cowden

Mikele Goodchild

Doug Hughes

Jonny Lee

Alexis McCoy

Erin Palmer

Josh Simkins

Meg Thompson

Grace Tomkins