Sumner Academy is a great fit for families seeking a close-knit, nurturing, secular community that will provide a wide-range of academic and authentic experiences and opportunities for their child. With 50 years of educating children, Sumner Academy is rich in school traditions while constantly adding new experiences for our students and community.

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Our Mission is to discover and cultivate each child's unique abilities.

Valuing diversity in students and experiences

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Nurturing a love of learning and excellence

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Cultivating responsibility and engagement

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Sumner Academy is a coeducational independent, secular private day school with approximately 180 students from all over Middle Tennessee. We offer pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. We strive to give our students impactful learning experiences that foster a life-long love of learning and curiosity. Our students regularly go on field studies, which are meant to enrich and deepen their understanding of the curriculum they learn in the classroom. Sumner Academy has a thriving community with active participation from our families, a loving, supportive network of teachers and staff, and incredible students that have dedicated themselves to their future.

Sumner Academy was founded in 1973 and used to be located in a house at 1012 Nashville Pike. Many board members, parents, and staff worked tirelessly to convert the old Fitts house into a suitable school building. Not long after the doors opened, a new site was purchased and a new campus was constructed. Now Sumner Academy sits on a beautiful 23 acres in the heart of Gallatin, TN.

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Sumner Academy At A Glance

Head of School Chan Gammill
180 students enrolled
464 Nichols Lane Gallatin TN 37075
email address provided
13 to 1 Student teacher ratio
19 years teaching experience
6 athletic teams
12 middle school club offerings

Our Campus

Sumner Academy is located on 23 acres in the heart of Gallatin, Tennessee. The campus houses four buildings: William E. Hovenden Student Center, William H. Wemyss Library/Media Center, the Melinda J. Dillehay Lower School building and the Jim and Isa Carroll Field House. Our campus also has two playgrounds, two soccer fields, lush trees and plenty of outdoor space for students.